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3D cassettes

About the pattern

A very untraditional realization of oak floor. This 3D pattern can also be used to line walls. We deliver 3D cassettes in smooth realizations, oiled in different colours allowing to distinguish the 3D dimension of this floor. You can choose the tone from the offer of tones in our other product lines.

Technical parameters

  • To be delivered with surface treatment or without surface treatment
  • Two-layer construction of 15 mm thickness with a wear layer of 4 mm
  • Mini-microphase along all sides
  • 1 cassette consists of three parts
  • The cassette is nailed onto a mesh
  • Dimensions of one cassette: approx. 380 x 440 mm


You can choose from the following qualities
Elegance(A+), Superb(A)  more >

Without tongue and groove, blunt sides, mini-microphase along all sides

2-layers15/4 mm380 mm440 mm

    We are among the largest manufacturers of massive and three-layer wooden oak floors in Europe


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