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Glues and penetration

Single-component elastic polyurethane glue.

Area of use: gluing massive and multilayer wooden floors of all formats to absorbing and non-absorbing foundations (concrete, anhydrite, OSB boards, ceramic tiles, etc…). Also suitable for full-area gluing for floor heating.

15kg packages (3 aluminium bags of 5 kg each in the package).
Consumption: 0,9-1,1 kg/m2 depending on the foundation’s coarseness.
Penetration: 5l package, consumption 85 – 170 ml/m2

Plinths massive, veneered, and white

Floor plinths form an inseparable part of the floor. Choose from our offer of massive, veneered or MDF white floor plinths in different shapes. We will deliver the plinths either without surface treatment, or with surface treatment to match the colour of your floor. On demand, we can also manufacture other shapes of floor plinths, including the transition plinths.

Convector gratings

We deliver massive oak convectors without surface treatment, and with surface treatment in a tone you choose from our offer. Thickness 20/22/24/26/28/30 mm, width up to 50 cm. The convector grating is full massive, including the connecting rods, and it is used to cover the convector heating in the floor.

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    We are among the largest manufacturers of massive and three-layer wooden oak floors in Europe


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