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Harfa Vintage FLOORS




A modern retro style, which will certainly intrigue you. Irregular cutting and the offer of unique colour combinations in the new line HARFA VINTAGE won’t let you stay calm. This wooden oak floor has been designed for those of you who want to differentiate them and “free” them from all ordinary and standard colour tones. This wooden floor is also treated with hard wax OSMO oil on the surface. Harfa Vintage with its truly “dominant appearance” is offered in multilayer (three-layer and two-layer) as well as massive finish – see the table below. We offer the floor in fine rustic style, but in your demand, you can also choose another quality. The three-layer or two-layer floor can be used for floor heating. Pictures on the website are for information purposes only.


You can choose from the following qualities 
Elegance(A+), Superb(A), CLlassic(AB), Original(ABC) – more >

PD – tongue and groove along the entire perimeter, standard micro-phase 2V, possible 4V

MultilayerThicknessPerformanceWidthTread layerLenght
PD15 mm3 vrstvá190 mm4 mm1520 – 2400 mm
PD15 mm2 vrstvá155 mm4 mm600 – 2400 mm
PD15 mm2 vrstvá190 mm4 mm600 – 2400 mm
PD15 mm2 vrstvá225 mm4 mm600 – 2400 mm
PD15 mm2 vrstvá245 mm4 mm600 – 2400 mm
PD20 mm2 vrstvá190 mm5 mm600 – 2400 mm
PD20 mm2 vrstvá225 mm5 mm600 – 2400 mm

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    We are among the largest manufacturers of massive and three-layer wooden oak floors in Europe


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